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Your IHHS Staff

Dr. Bill Altmiller, CEO, Pharm D., RPH, FIACP, FACA, DNBHE

Bill was born into a family of pharmacists. His father, sister and son (Will) are all pharmacists and brother Chris is a pharmacy technician. Bill Sr. and Will practice at our retail location here in Bakersfield, and Bill works at our Compounding and Consulting Center. Bill has been a Doctor of Pharmacy from University of the Pacific Pharmacy School, and registered pharmacist since the age of 21, and has worked in many areas of pharmacy. He has been pharmacist of the year for Kern County and is a member in many organizations.

He bought a local retail drug store in 1978, Your Drug Store Inc. and continued in his family's business. Over the next few years he expanded went into the IV pharmacy business, In- Home Health Solutions Pharmacy Inc. This is the second oldest IV Company in Kern County, which also grew into a Home Health Agency due to a shortage of nursing assistance in home IV. He discontinued the Home Health Agency as the need for it declined, and instead of being a Administrator for a Home Health Agency, he was now free to research various medical subjects that he felt were valuable. Endocrinology, Cosmetics and HRT were at the top of this list, leading to the development of new innovative compounding formulas in many fields including hormones, pain management, and anti-aging. He is a full Fellow in two prestigious organizations both the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists and American College of Apothecaries. These top organizations allow access so of the best leaders in the compounding field to discuss thought with.

Bill has also completed his Homeopathic training at the International College of Homeopathy, a division of Texas Chiropractic College, and is a Board Certified Homeopath in the National Board of Homeopathic Examiners. He has been a practicing homeopath for more than 21 years. He is also specialty certified in the fields of Women's Health and Pain Management. He is also a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has advanced training in clinical nutrition, neutraceuticals, glandular medicine, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, flower essences, homotoxicology, endocrinology, and biofeedback. His goal is to try to bring multiple disciplines of together to create positive patient outcomes that will lead a person to Health and Wellness. He is available for consultations in several areas by appointment only.

William A. Altmiller, BS Pharm, RPH

His father, William A. Altmiller, has been working hard in his retirement helping at both locations. He has many years of education and awards in the pharmacy field including pharmacist of the year for the State of California and is a Bowl of Hygeia recipient. He specializes in nutritional, herbal, and diabetic consultations.

Dr. Terry Altmiller, Pharm D., RPH

His sister, Terry, is also a Doctor of Pharmacy graduated from the University of the Pacific and is employed locally and helps out where needed in all the family businesses.

Dr. Will T. Altmiller, Pharm D, RPH, MBA, DHM, BA

His son, Will, is also a Doctor of Pharmacy, graduated from the University of the Pacific. He is accomplished in many fields, including pharmacy, homeopathy, business, and philosophy. He assists in all the family businesses, along with his many other interests, including moving forward with law school in the near future.

Dr. Liz Altmiller, Pharm D, Ph.C, RPH, BA

His daughter, Liz, is also a Doctor of Pharmacy, graduated from the Idaho State University in Pocatello. She assists in all the family business' primarily at Your Drug Store Inc,, where she is a pharmacist clinician specializing in medication management, consulting, and retail pharmacy, and can issue prescriptions for birth control. See website . She is also an expert in compounding pharmacy at In Home Health Solutions Inc.

Donna C.

Donna is Office Manager. She monitors compounded prescription services, and assists in many areas of business' in accounting, billing, and management capacities. She can assist client's in working with their insurance companies to achieve reimbursement. She assists in coordinating communication between YDS and IHHS.

Gloria S.

Gloria is our primary interface with the public and is very skilled in communication. She assists in education when appropriate, and service by coordinating the rest of the staff and suppliers, to get everyone's satisfaction assured. She will also provide patients with completed billing forms for their insurance companies and end of the year receipts for IHHS. She is bilingual.

Christina L.

Christina is our licensed pharmacy technician; she is an expert in her field. She helps Bill to complete all your compounding needs.