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The Art of Homeopathy

Normally your body is "in balance" and you stay well. When your body goes "out of balance" your resistance is lowered and you get sick. When the balance is restored you get well again.

Until now, medicines most rapidly available in your pharmacy without a prescription have been conventional, or "allopathic" drugs. These medicines help us mask the symptoms of illness and as a result you appear to feel better. Traditional drugs however do not help to restore your body to its normal, healthy balance. In addition, some of these medicines may produce undesirable side effects.

Traditional Homeopathic remedies are not synthetic, but rather energetic extracts from natural substances. They remove symptoms without suppressing them and produce no new symptoms which we call side effects.

What is Homeopathy?

The word Homeopathy is derived from the Greek Homoios for Similars and Pathos for Suffering. Homeopathic remedies are small doses of energy extracted from natural substances which in larger doses would create the same symptoms as the ailments which they treat. In a broad sense, Homeopathy is related to the principle behind vaccinations and allergy shots. Homeopathy is based on the theory that what can produce a dis-ease in a healthy person can remove a similar dis-ease found in a sick person who has those similar symptoms. This is known as the law of similars, "like cures like".

Homeopathy has been used successfully world wide for nearly 200 years and has been in use throughout the centuries for over two millennium in India. In more recent years there has been an upsurge in the use of homeopathy in the UK and USA because of the safe and gentle way the medicines work. It is the second most popular form of medicine in the world next to Western medicine, but is relatively unknown in the USA. This may be from the development and dominance of pharmaceutical companies in this country. Never the less, homeopathy has been Registered with the FDA for decades.

In homeopathy the client is treated by using a minute amount of a substance which, in large amounts, could cause the very symptoms they are experiencing.

Homeopathy is considered by some to be the most effective healing art developed. In the late 1700's Dr. Samuel Hahnemann a German physician, chemist and medical translator developed what we now know as Homeopathy. Since it's development, Homeopathy has been practiced throughout the world. It uses energy extracted from natural substances to interact with the vital force of an individual, thus stimulating a person's inherent ability to facilitate the healing process naturally. Thus bringing about a rapid and gentle recovery of the limitation on all levels, mental, emotional and physical.

Homeopathy does not attempt to cure a specific disease, but rather stimulates an individual's inherent healing power. Many modern pharmaceutical drugs can produce side effects, which cause the person to experience discomfort or new symptoms elsewhere in the body.

Although the results of Homeopathic healing often seem to be miraculous, Homeopathy offers no specific cure for any particular disease. Based on sound scientific principles, Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the symptoms of the illness. The symptoms however, are used to guide the Homeopath to an appropriate remedy.

Homeopathy is wholistic therapy, in that we look at the client as a whole. We believe that it is not the collection of symptoms themselves that constitute the disease rather that the symptoms are a reflection of what is out of balance in the whole being. For instance an outbreak of eczema may be the result of an emotional stress such as exam pressure. The symptom is on the skin and is given a diagnosis of eczema. Conventional medicine would only look at the presenting symptoms and prescribe topical steroid creams to suppress the eruption. However, in homeopathy we would look at the stress that came before the symptoms.

Constitutional Homeopathy

Constitutional homeopathic evaluation entails an in-depth and comprehensive case history, that covers a number of different areas including; current and past medical problems, family history, personality type, and response to major environmental, physical and emotional crisis as well as recording of objective findings about the particular body type, physical characteristics and general manner. Constitutional treatment is indicated for chronic health problems, such as rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, and episodic problems such as urinary tract infections or irritable bowel syndrome. It is especially helpful when the client states they have "not been well since" a particular occurrence in their life.

Client complaints are often an indication that the body’s energetic force, never fully recovered from a prior harmful stimulus. This is especially true after an emotional or physical injury or insult to the body:

  1. i.e., bee sting, head concussion, emotional crisis
  2. i.e. grief from the death of a loved one or dear pet, insult, fright, or exposure to the harsh environment i.e. cold air, bright hot sun, or incident
  3. i.e. childbirth, drug or reaction from vaccination

We are interested in not only the offending occurrence, but also the client's individual, personalized response, as each response points to a different remedy type. Traditional homeopathic remedies are not synthetic, but rather energetic extracts from natural substances. They remove symptoms without suppressing them, and produce no new symptoms which we call side effects. Homeopathy is more popular in Europe than in the United States. An estimated 40% of the French and 34% of the British use homeopathic remedies. The U.S. market is rapidly gaining and it appears to be doubling every 5 years.

Nutrition and Herbs

Once the body is provided with needed nutrients, and interference to proper function is eliminated, health, and well being can be restored and maintained.

Important functions of the body are dependent on vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, good fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Medications commonly taken both over the counter and by prescription can deplete the body of these important nutrients. Also, it is well documented and accepted that the American diet is not adequate to ensure optimal heath. Therefore, supplementation is part of our practice in order to restore and maintain body balance.

In today's hustle, bustle, non stop world, just about everyone is affected by at least one of the three primary causes of imbalance of our body. These three causes are DEHYDRATION, STARVATION and FATIGUE. By addressing and removing those things that create imbalances and eliminating toxins, our body has the ability to return itself to a state of health and wellness. When the body is exposed over a prolonged period of time to stress, either as a result of poor eating habits, lack of rest or environmental pollution, proper body function is lost and signs and symptoms of illness and dis-ease begin to limit our natural health expression of life.

At In-Home Health Solutions we believe that by meridian balancing specific quality nutritional products to the needs of your body, nutritional supplementation can be optimized yet simplified. This is done with a Body Scan 2010 biofeedback device that is used to determine the imbalance of specific hand meridians and uses nutritional products to restore optimum balance. This complements Constitutional Homeopathy by aiding in removing any nutritional imbalances or barriers to improvement.

Constitutional or Classical vs Acute Homeopathy

Constitutional Homeopathic evaluation consists of a detailed history of the current and past medical picture and family history. Also explored is the individual's personality type, response to major physical and emotional crises as well as recording of objective findings about the client's body type, physical characteristics and general manner. The main goal of constitutional Homeopathy is to address the long standing (chronic) condition i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, etc. Chronic conditions involve the person as a whole. Constitutional Homeopathy is designed to address the individual's condition as part of the whole constitution of the person. When an individual states they have "not been well since" a particular occurrence, constitutional homeopathy, designed to address an individual as a whole, uses this information as part of the plan to be implemented.

In acute problems i.e. urinary tract infections or headaches, an acute form of Homeopathy, which is not as involved as the constitutional approach, can be utilized. An acute history for the most part more is focused on the particular complaints. However, the individual as a whole is taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate remedy. Quite often as constitutional therapy proceeds many of these common acute problems improve and the ongoing need for acute care diminishes.

To summarize, traditional homeopathic remedies are energetic extracts of natural substances. They allow for removal of symptoms without suppression by stimulating the bodies own healing ability. This will lead an individual to a joyful expression of Health and Wellness.

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