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Understanding How Our Bodies Heal

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When we think about how to improve our health, we often think about the big picture and what we can do to create more resilient hearts, lungs, brains, muscles, and bones.

While it's great to consider how we can nourish our bodies, good health truly originates on an even deeper level: within our DNA and our cells.

This article will discuss how taking better care of yourself on a micro-level, can improve your overall health and wellness, promoting your body's own healing ability.

Our Bodies Resonate with a Subtle form of
Energy Known as our Biofield

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, our human bodies resonate with a subtle form of energy known as our Biofield. By carefully observing our DNA, scientists have discovered that our DNA emits energy in the form of light. Further, they have found that the more light a cell exudes, the healthier it is.

Our Biofield is essential because it coordinates all of our bodily functions and helps us quickly respond to health threats. When all of our cells are resonating at their highest level, our Biofield is stronger and more balanced and we are able to recover more quickly from injuries and disease.

Unfortunately, there are "interference fields" that can inhibit our Biofield from functioning effectively. Traumas such as accidents, scars, and surgeries can harm our cells and result in chronic pain and illness. Our thoughts and emotions can also seriously impact the health of our Biofield. Toxins like pharmaceuticals and heavy metals can cause chaos within our Biofield, which in turn can cause disease. Finally, electromagnetic pollution caused by cell phones, radio towers and TV signals can also disrupt our DNA.

This causes everything from increased blood pressure to cell death and cancer.

Many practitioners of alternative medicine have seen outstanding results, especially for chronic illnesses, by working with Biofield energy and using it to affect changes in their patients' bodies to improve their health.

Scientific evidence shows that by manipulating the biofield, we can achieve a reduction in chronic pain from arthritis or other conditions. A strong biofield can also help us heal faster from injuries, reduce stress and coping abilities, recover more quickly from disease, and improve circulation, digestion, and immunity.

To keep your Biofield functioning at its highest level, there are several things you can do. First, avoid toxins. Even something as simple as having a cavity filled with a silver filling (which contains mercury) can cause a wealth of neurological, cardiological, and immune system disorders. You should also limit your contact with electromagnetic pollutants.

Good nutrition is also essential. Eating organic, chemical-free foods that are free of GMOs, pesticides, and fungicides can help. Spending healthy amounts of time in the sun and eating a plant-based diet will also improve your health on a cellular level.

Homeopathy increases the strength of your Biofield, allowing your body to simply heal itself, as it gains in coherence. It literally vibrates the dys-ease and malfunctions out of the Biofield, allowing the body to establish, and maintain, higher levels of health..

The time of using physics in medicine has come. Using suppressive therapies, ie drugs and some surgeries, can only drive frequency malfunction into deeper tissues. Since in Physics we all know "√čnergy is Conserved", suppression of negative energy can only worsens a body, and deepen a condition, over time. Drugs may control symptoms, however over time the offending energy/frequency will emerge as a deeper problem, with the original problem still remaining.

In many ways the side effects of drugs are the result of your Biofield trying to stop your condition from worsening, which is caused by the suppression, from forcing the medication on your body, and Biofield. When the side effects go away, it is indicative of the body's defenses giving up, and allowing the suppression, and deepening of the condition, to occur, progressing to deeper tissues, than the original involvement. This occurs over 18 to 36 months in many cases.

In Western Medicine this will be interpreted as another illness rather than an extension of the previous one. This leads to the use of more, and more, medications in Western Medicine, which is very profitable. In Alternative Medicine work is done to cause the expression of this negative energy. This can can leads to eradication of the offending symptom without causing deeper symptoms.

Since energy is always conserved, what is being suppressed, by any cause, is driving illness into deeper tissues, and ultimately, mental emotional levels within the body, worsening a person's condition.

As human beings we are meant to express, not suppress. Suppression, of any kind, is never going to curative, or restorative. In fact it is an aggravating factor, leading to a worsening the Biofield coherency, which will lead to greater dys-ease. Physical, emotional and mental symptoms are cries from your Biofield for help in clearing the offending dysfunction, and return coherency to what is required for overall health.

Each session of Radionic's, or Homeopathy, increases coherency of the Biofield to allow the body to heal itself, and achieve ever increasing natural levels of health.

This is why the Goals of Homeopathic Treatment are to:

  1. Ambulate without discomfort
  2. Feel all emotions, yet let all emotions go
  3. Have passion and compassion, to love and be loved and finally,
  4. To live joyfully, in a selfishless way.

The Goal is to ultimately, get better and better, as therapy progresses towards these four goals. One gradually gains increasing awareness, and clarity, to accurately perceive reality, without mental or emotional, trauma's and 'hurts', interfering. This leads to a positive increase in use of one's Will, to choose most appropriately, what is best for the person, and all those concerned, around them.

This is where true health is hidden today, beyond the perception of many. The path is now attainable, however it does require your use of Will to choose it.