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Nutritional Health

Nutritional imbalance is contributed to by pollution, depleted soils, water quality issues, poor dietary habits and other lifestyle choices.

Restoring the body's nutritional status by removing toxins and providing balance with nutrition and hydration, will allow the body to begin its return to a higher level of health and happiness. As harmony of health returns signs of illness and disease fall away.

We have multiple homeopathic, nutritional, and herbal products to assist the client with these wellness goals.

We utilize non-cognitive biofeedback and meridian balancing to align the body using selected supplements for proper overall body balance. This takes the guessing out of nutritional supplements. Clients can see how products selected will bring balance to the body in a graphic way.

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
Studies Have Proven Some Startling Results

  1. Excellent weight loss without dieting or exercising.
  2. 8.8% increase in muscle mass on average after 6 months, without exercise.
  3. 14.4% loss of body fat, after 6 months, without dieting.
  4. Higher energy levels.
  5. Enhanced sexual performance.
  6. Re-growth of heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, and other organs that shrink with age.
  7. Greater cardiac output, superior immune function, better kidney function.
  8. Lowered blood pressure, Increased exercise performance.
  9. Improved cholesterol profile, higher HDL, lowered LDL.
  10. Younger thicker skin, wrinkle removal, elimination of cellulite.
  11. Hair regrowth.
  12. Sharper vision.
  13. Mood elevation.
  14. Tissue regeneration and enhanced healing of wounds, including recovery from surgery.
  15. Increased memory retention.
  16. Improved sleep.
  17. Stronger bones

Modified from "Stopping The Clock" by Dr. R. Klatz and Dr. R. Goldman)

"The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable. We now realize that some aspects of it can be prevented or reversed." Daniel Rudman, M.D. (New England Journal of Medicine)

HGH levels begin to fall by the mid 30's with the resultant signs of aging. This includes balding, graying, midline fat deposition, decreased strength and energy, and increased susceptibility to illness.

HGH levels may be increased in 2/3 of the aging population with nutrient enhancers only. In these clients, HGH levels equal to people 20 years their junior can be achieved. The effects of increasing HGH levels are directly correlated to decreasing the effects of aging.

Ask In-Home Health Solutions Pharmacy staff how easy it is to increase your HGH levels in a healthy and natural way. By providing your body the nutrition it needs it adjust itself to optimize your physical and brain health.

Considerations for Energy and Wellness Complex Program

Hormone releasing compounds in this formulation are in (combinations). The amounts of amino acids contained in this product are maximum doses for this use in healthy adults. Using beyond the recommended amounts will not work as well as the recommended amount. This product is completely nutritional and contains no hormones. It should be taken in the morning, after an overnight fast. Additionally, another dose can also be used 1 hour before exercise also on an empty stomach (4 hours after meals), if body weight is over 200lbs. An alternative to this for a non-exercise regime would be to use 1 tablespoonful in the morning after an overnight fast, although bedtime use will have some effect the stomach may not be empty enough for optimum results.

Improvement in brain health and secretion of hormone will usually continue for the first three months of use. The effects will take three to four weeks to begin to feel and have improvement seen. This should continue through the 2nd month until finally leveling off in the 3rd month to the maximum level that will be achieved and maintained with ongoing use. This has been evidenced by clinical experience.

Energy and Wellness Complex is to be used in the morning, or one hour before exercise, and on an empty stomach for 60-90 minutes before consuming any calories. There is a customized dosing schedule for adults over 60-65 years old that begin initiating therapy that is available on request. This product is not recommended for diabetics or people over the age of 70 years without consultation.

To prepare, place 3 teaspoonfuls or 1 tablespoonful of your Energy and Wellness Complex in approximately 4 ounces more or less of sparkling lime carbonated water for a pleasant lime odor. For sweetness, Stevita drops should be used to taste for sweetness, this is usually 5-6 drops. Dissolve by swirling mixture for a few minutes, but if desired it may be consumed as a slurry, undissolved in solution. This is individual preference. Once dissolved use solution to swallow one Niacinamide or Niacin Slow Relase 500mg capsule at the time of dosing.

It is also recommended to support the pituitary gland while using this formula. To do this be sure to take 1 or 2 capsules of Pituitary daily with the complex or food. This will allow your body enough pituitary components to produce increased secretion without becoming deficient in precursor substances needed for production of other various physiological compounds.

It is suggested but not required to skip 2 days of therapy each week. At the end of the 2nd skipped day fatigue is occasionally experienced initally. You may choose the days to be skipped or discuss the days skipped with your medical practitioner.

Use after fasting [typically overnight]:

This product contains amino acids

Additional consultative materials may be obtained from your medical practitioner or by calling In-Home Health Solutions Pharmacy.

Aging and Health

Every passing minute our bodies are aging. With time we gain experience and wonderful memories. We learn, we grow, and yet our physical bodies age. The human body was biologically meant to live for over 100 years, possibly 120 to 140 years.

We have a large aging population in this country that becomes feebler with time. What if we could slow down the aging process? What if we could make our senior years as healthy as our young adult years?

With the right lifestyle, diet exercise and enhancement program, the physical deterioration that comes now with aging will be a thing of the past. The human body has an amazing capacity to regenerate itself. Under the influence of hormonal messengers. GH secreted by the pituitary gland helps children grow to their full adult size and is secreted in lesser quantities after adolescence to orchestrate cellular repair that is necessary over time. By the time we reach our mid 30's our GH production diminishes yearly to the point that cellular damage and death overshadow repair and rejuvenation.

There are cultures alive today whose most viable contributing members are over 100 years old. Perhaps in their isolated natural environments, untaxed by the stresses of our modern day life, these people do not undergo cellular damage as early and rapidly as we do in developed countries. Many of the anti-aging scientists believe that these people produce youthful levels of GH that revitalizes their bodies, keeping them younger longer. Their lifestyles, environment and especially diets play major factors in their bodies ability to produce youthful levels of hormones.

We can learn from these amazing cultures as we emulate their low stress lifestyles, work to clear our environments of toxins and supplement our plant based diets to enhance our own GH production.

Reversing Disease With GH Enhancers

The problem with aging is that our vital organs get wasted, tired, and function so much more poorly. Diseases related to aging, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, and arthritis can be reversed with a complete program of a healthy diet, exercise, hormonal balance and GH enhancement.

The number one cause of death in this country is from heart disease. The body functions most exquisitely with the right balance of all its vital hormones. Too much or too little of any one hormone leads to imbalances. Typically in medicine female hormones are replaced during menopause to decrease heart disease and osteoporosis, insulin is replaced or enhanced in diabetics and thyroid hormone is replaced when the thyroid becomes hypo functioning at any age. Why then do we not focus on a replacement or supplement of other vital hormones as we age or require stress related diseases that threaten normal hormonal production?

GH enhancement studies have shown that use of GH can reverse heart disease, arteriosclerosis, chronic lung conditions, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis. GH's job is to help tissues to grow and repair themselves. In most of the above stated diseases the organ systems involved are in a state of disrepair. Allopathic medicine uses chemicals to treat the symptoms of disease but cannot offer any reversal of the disease process.

Practitioners of anti-aging medicine believe that the body has the power to heal itself given the proper fuels, adequate exercise, and hormonal balancing.

Rx of Obesity with GH Enhancers

The Objective to treating obesity is not just to create a thinner individual but to improve the individual's health and life expectancy. Obesity is a major contributing factor to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

The result of most weight loss programs is to lose weight usually resulting in very little change in body composition, thus no change in overall health.

The ideal treatment for obesity would be to maintain and or gain lean body mass and lose body fat. Excess body fat is what creates the greatest risk for disease, especially that fat distributed around our middle. Once we hit 30 our lean body mass (LBM) reduces as our body fat (BF) increases with a noticeable difference in body composition before a change in the scale. Why? Because muscle is twice as dense- heavier than fat; LBM is reduced in both skeletal muscle and organ tissues as our vital organs shrink with age. Even those who do not appear overweight nor measure so by common height-weight standards, typically lose LBM by 30% and expand by 50% between the ages of 30 to 70. In men and postmenopausal women this fat is deposited in the abdomen, the area least desirable in health terms. Growth hormone (GH) studies have shown that by enhancing GH production in middle age clients, LBM increases while body fat decreases. The effect is more dramatic in obese clients as GH enhancers accelerated fat loss by 25% than diet alone. Control groups treated with placebo lost less weight and lost muscle along with fat.

Naturally secreted hormones accelerate the burning of fat by making it available to the body as fuel. GH creates the effect of insulin that is responsible for lipogenesis or the creation of fat cells, while GH fosters lipo lysis, the destruction of fat cells.

Body fat reduces the production of GH just as aging does, so the obese middle age client is aging much faster than if she was of normal weight. It is important to understand that the percentage of body fat loss compared to lean muscle mass gain may not reduce a great deal of pounds lost but a great change in body composition as the client is leaner with better muscle tone and most importantly better health.

How to Begin the Path of Nutritional Healing

There are many dietary models available for your use to reach your highest state to wellness for example, ovo-lacto vegetarian diets, whole foods or macrobiotic diets, the traditional Asian soy based diet, or the Mediterranean pyramid diet. I believe the Mediterranean pyramid diet (MPD) to be the easiest to follow in transition from the Standard American Diet (SAD).

The basis of the MPD are whole grains/legumes like rice, corn, oats, quinoa wheat, barley, rye, mostly whole or coarsely refined into flour for whole grain pastas and bread, all types of beans and peas including soy for maximum nutritional benefits. Then small amounts of protein foods mainly fish, goat cheese, nuts, seeds, eggs, occasionally poultry and rarely meat. The rocky terrain of the Greek and Italian Isles are unsuitable for large farm animals and goats are raised for cheese that is easier to store than fresh milk. The top of the pyramid consists of fats from olive oil and olives and capped with minute quantities of sugar.

Nutritional Healing Pyramid

Traditionally Mediterranean people eat as do most Europeans with a moderate breakfast of grains, fruit, cheese or eggs, a heavy lunch as their main meal that includes fish, legumes, grains, vegetables, oil, cheese and fruit for dessert and a light supper of bread and cheese. Snacking is rare. The days are begun at dawn and end at dusk. Formal exercise is rare, yet the common form of transportation is walking or bicycling, as cars are a luxury. Work is physical labor or similar to our professions with a lot more walking.

Nutrition for An Aging Population

Our Standard American Diet (SAD) is one of the banes of our society's health and welfare. Rich in saturated fats and refined carbohydrates, spiced with artificial preservatives and chemical. Our diets are effectively destroying our culture. Consuming foods that our ancestors were not biologically prepared to use for nourishment has created a whole host of diseases that our ancestors never experienced. Diseases that plague modern civilized humans like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are a direct effect of the SAD.

In order to maintain optimal health and live to survive the 100 plus years our bodies were biologically programmed to live, we must consume nourishment that is human friendly for optimal health and life expectancy. We must consume a plant-based diet. Why? To save our farm animals? Not necessarily. To provide our bodies with the nourishment they were created to most effectively consume.

To better understand this concept lets compare three types of mammals,

Types of mammals
  Carnivores Herbivores Omnivores
Type of food consumed Animal flesh Plants Plant based-leaves, rootes, seeds with small quantities of insects, fish, eggs, and scavenged meat
Detention Large sharp canines Sharp incisors and flat molars Flat incisors and flat molars
Gastric Ph High to digest flesh, bones and hide Low Low
Intestinal length Short to eliminate quickly Long to garner the maximum nourishment from plants Long
Other physical humanlike characteristics often uses Sharp claws, strong jaws, fast to hunt, eyes up front, acute sense of smell Eyes on side of head, fast to escape, acute hearing, (large ears) Opposable thumbs or hands, climbs well, tools to gather food

As human mammals, we are classified as omnivores and are biologically designed to eat the bulk of our diet from plant sources and sparingly from animal sources. Like other omnivores, we should try to consume the majority of our diet in its raw, natural state. Since change is difficult without motivation lets examine another species that does not eat as nature intended….the domesticated dog, man's best friend. We care for our canines like ourselves and to their detriments, ask any vet, the number one cause of cancer, obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease, heart disease, allergies, asthma and a variety of other human-like ailments that inflicts our friends and he will point to the canine diet. We feed our pets like we feed ourselves, refined dog foods at best, at worst table scraps of our own non-nourishing toxin filled foods. Even if your feed your dog raw meat only, the fat laden, hormone and antibiotic fed farm animals' flesh is nothing like the lean, natural game animal your dogs' wolf like ancestors were meant to nourish themselves.

Our pet dogs are plagued with the same diseases that affect us fed from our hands. Yet, we can change. We can eat more healthily; despite arguments to the contrary that today's produce is poorly nutritional. We can base our diets upon life enriching plant foods, avoiding highly refined products like white flour and sugar and eat sparingly of animal products. We can supplement for the missing nutrients with vitamins and minerals. We can live longer healthier lives by ceasing to rob ourselves of the nourishment our bodies were created to consume.