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When compounding medications, our policy is to research the topic thoroughly before proceeding. We design the most effective products possible by not following the recipes that are passed around between pharmacies. Our creative ability has led to a research study with the American Cancer Society and Sansum Oncological Endocrinology Research Department. Creativity coupled with our counseling has really made a difference in many clients' lives and has increased the entire staffs' enjoyment and dedication to pharmacy.

Health Care Providers from all over United States utilize our consultative service and specialized compounding to provide safe, effective medications for each patient's unique needs. We combine the art of compounding with equipment of the 21st century and the science of tomorrow to customize medications to each unique client.

We specialize in hormonal and pain medications. Our popular transdermal, odorless, non-stick, greaseless, creams are used for balancing the body as if it were making its own hormones. Clients' feel the way they did when their hormones were in balance decades earlier. We provide each client with a predictable, accurately dosed, easy to use and cosmetically appealing dosage form. This service is followed-up with a consultation to address individual problems, issues of compliance, and the positive outcomes that can be expected. IHHS knows we provide all clients and their health care providers the compounding required to manage care successfully.

Ask us about our full line of Vitamins, Herbs, Homeopathic and Nutritional Products as well as Consultation services in Clinical nutrition, Endocrinology (hormone), Homeopathy by appointment only.