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Homeopathic First Aid

As with orthodox medicine there are many remedies that you can use on a first aid / self help basis to treat accidents and injuries i.e. shock, bruising, sprains, strains as well as coughs, colds, flu, sore throats, childhood and acute infections i.e. diarrhea and vomiting. These low-dose physical remedies are available from many sources, in most cities, as well as the internet.

Acute conditions are those that are classified as being of short duration and will resolve fairly quickly. If you have a chronic i.e. long lasting complaint or an acute condition which does not resolve within a given time you should seek professional help from either a qualified homeopathic or medical practitioner.

As with "over the counter" medical preparations homeopathic self help remedies should not be used to try and treat chronic, long lasting or ongoing ailments. Always seek professional help.

Why use homoeopathic remedies?

Some examples of homeopathic Over the Counter self help remedies available for purchase at IHHS Health & Wellness Center are given below;

Actual Product Names below
Acne Eczema HP Sciatica HP
Allergy Fibromyalgia Sinus HP
Anxiety HP Flu Snoring HP
Anxiety II HP Focus Surgery HP
Arthritis HP Free Radicals Teething
Asthma HP Hangover HP Thyroid HP
Biting Insect Antigen Headache HP Vaccine Support HP
Bone Repair HP Hives Vaccine Miasm
Candida HP Influenzinum Verma HP
Cough hp Menopause HP Vital HP
Crystoges UTI Nausea/Vomiting HP Vitality Male/Female
Depression HP Neuralgia Weight Control
Dentazyne (dental) Neuro Pain HP Weight Management
Diarrhea PP Osteoporosis Bacterial Immune Stim
Digestion PMS HP Viral Immune Stim
Dizziness Prostate HP Fungus Immune Stim
Ear Inflam HP Psoriasis HP Toxins Detoxification
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How Do I Take OTC Homeopathic Medicines?

The granules should be allowed to dissolve in the mouth or under the tongue, preferably free from tobacco or flavored substances. For liquids, it is customary to take 5 or 10 drops per dose. Medicines are best taken apart from food or drink by 10 minutes or more.

The frequency of the dose and the potency of the medicine may vary according to the type of condition, as recommended by your homeopath. The potency of the medicine is denoted by a number which follows its name. For example, Arnica 6x or Cantharis 30x.

Dosing should be stopped when the condition is cleared.

Proper diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep will, of course, enhance the treatment.

Avoid handling the granules to prevent contamination. For liquids, place drops directly under tongue. Alcohol is used as a preservative liquid homeopathic remedies. To avoid consumption of alcohol, place drops in a small glass of water and allow to evaporate before consuming.

Keep the medicines in a cool, dark place and they will remain effective for several years.